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If you are facing the same dilemma, here are the 10 signs you should invest in the technology.

1. Diversity – Technology is the field which do not restrict you in any aspect. You have diversity of topics and researches. You can jump into a thing which does not even exist and you can surely try your hand over it by researching. You never know, when will you be successful. So, you have a broad range to think upon it. If you have an idea, then you can easily have your start-up.
2. Market Values– Market value is  value important thing for any business. If you have an idea which can change lives of people, then whatever you make through that idea will help you earn good amount. All you need to do is, provide better alternative for existing things to people.

3. You will like it – Investing in logical things is always better than investing mindlessly.Technology is something that you will like to invest in because it’s output will be in front of your eyes. It will make you believe in its output because it is all done by your mind. It will help you like what you are doing. If you are liking it, then you should invest in the technology.

4. Attention from media – If any start-up makes noise in market with its product, it surely gets media attention and in case of technical investors its likely to happen. Tech companies are dominant in media coverage case than other start-ups, because you are going to make peoples’ lives easy by your ideas.

5. Brand visibility and reputation – Any technical product has specific brand visibility and reputation. As a start up its quite difficult to get, but once you get a way towards it, it’s easy to have these all things.

Launching first effective product can boost your reputation and business. 

6.Easy recruitment- There are so many engineers waiting for job opportunities in core fields. Technical product and ideas are their cup of tea and they can give more input in this.The more engineers you will hire, more efficient product you will make. As I mentioned earlier, all you need is an idea. Recruitment does not take time. To take quality employees, you can take task round inductions. This will help you find more efficient co-workers.

7.You know what user needs – Design thinking is very important thing in production of any kind of product. As we all use certain technologies we know the problems faced by user. It will be useful if you focus on what exactly user needs. If your mind is user oriented then you are correct path.

So, what is User Oriented Product 

1.      It should be affordable product.

2.      It should be easy to use.

3.      It should be easy to repair.

4.      Self-explanatory use is always preferred by users.

If you have all above things in mind along with your technical ideas, then you are on correct path. Go, invest in technology.

8. Tax Rebate by Government -As whole world is moving towards techno life, Government has decided to offer rebate in taxes of your technical start-ups. It’s a very good opportunity to touch the peaks because what else we need? As a start-up, it’s quite difficult to boost financially, this is the perk that you can take advantage of.

9. Easy to collaborate – Technical start-ups are easy to collaborate with the same kind of companies to enhance your range. You have search for similar settled industries and you can ask to offer them a collaboration. Your first try may fail but you will get it.

10.It’s so cool – Having own start-up that too technical is the best plan one can think of.Its very good to have technical start-up as you require less money and more mind for it.Isnt it so cool?

I hope these 10 ideas made your mind and you have decided your plans.Keeping all these things in mind you can invest in technology for betterment of lives and for your interest. There are many start-ups that are successful and sometimes it’s okay to believe in self.

So these were 10 signs you should invest in technology.


December 30, 2015


1.) Your AOL email address is still being used… as your business account.

Youve got Mail

2.) Ask Jeeves knows the answers to all of your questions.Alternative to Google Search

3.) Social media still happens on MySpace.

Before Facebook

4.) Documents are still being faxed, to and from your land-line.

Email Instead

5.) Videos are recorded on your handheld camcorder so that you can watch the footage on DVD later.

Record Video on DVD

6.) Locating your files is getting harder by the day because there is limited storage space on your hard-drive.

Computer Storage

7.) Hooking up your TV requires matching colors and cords because you don’t understand the purpose of an HDMI cable.

RCA Output

8.) Using your website is frustrating, especially on a mobile device.

Mobile Device

9.) Internet Explorer is your only browser because it’s all you’ve ever known.

All Time Favorite Browser

10.) Google is the Internet. Period.

Google Search

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