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Just need a Webmaster to support your current site?

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Custom Web Design to help you meet your goals!

Speedy 1-4 Page Designs to get you up and running FAST!

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What are you waiting for?

It's Your Design & Your Vision!

Mastering the web...it's what we do for you!

Your Design...Your Budget!

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Our CEO, Don Steinberger, as a part of the administration of the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1989 was asked to become a part of the Abilene Committee.  This committee, made up of 142 technical universities nationwide, was charged with a single responsibility…to develop a plan for deploying a new concept in the United States called, “The World Wide Web”.  The task required three years of dedicated research and planning to accomplish.  Once completed this was the determining factor for a change of career path to become one of the first web design companies within the US.

As a leading end-to-end digital agency for over 25 years, Blue Diamond Webs has specialized, cross-browser performance while providing customized brand storytelling, web design & development, e-commerce, digital marketing, creative and hosting solutions. We help our customers grow their business by utilizing our evolving methodology to define their audiences, create compelling stories, implement innovative technology, and optimize metrics based on measurable results.

Selling drugs over the Internet is another advantage of the network, you save money and get quality service.

  – Experience. We’ve built custom solutions for over 2,300 customers in a variety of industries.
  – Dedication. A perfect combination of accessibility, security, integration, administration, and technical ability provide the vehicle for your brand.
  – Credibility. With over 25 years of experience, our proven and evolving methodology and results have been recognized consistently by major industry associations.
  – Convenience & Efficiency. As an end-to-end agency, our customers receive strategy, creative, development, hosting and digital marketing services all in one place.

Blue Diamond Webs is proud to serve both regional and national brands in a variety of industries.
We believe in a fun, team-oriented culture and we want to meet other like-minded digital experts who enjoy working in a team environment.

How can we help you today?

We Stay Current

Blue Diamond Webs takes pride in delivering high-quality, affordable technology products that meet the needs of our clients.




We're Always With You

We focus on developing long-term partnerships with our clients beyond the initial sale.

We're Local

We work hard to become a part of our community and love to meet face to face with our clients.

Choose Blue Diamond Webs You will be pleased you did

We're Responsive

At Blue Diamond Webs we are responsive to clients, and ensure we are immediately available.

Since  1994

We Have The Experience

Founded in 1994, we have grown and prospered amidst the rapidly changing world of the Internet


100% Satisfaction

We are confident we can create your vision and that is why we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
It’s an easy concept really…we build long term business relationships by creating something we are both proud of.

If you feel disappointed with what we design for you, then simply request a refund. 

Our goal is to create your vision to the world!



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