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Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium is a major medical company located in Anchorage, Alaska.

The new website project that was needed was one that presented the consortium in a new light that emphasized the many different services the organization provided to the native community of Alaska.

In 2014 it was determined it was time to migrate this website to a new CMS platform called WordPress.  Once I made the change I have worked within the WordPress environment while using BootStrap along with various Theme and personally designed Themes to design the pages that are impressive in design and scope.

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The corporate Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium website is the hub for the brand, agents & offices. My team was made up of members of the Marketing Department and included a graphic artist along with a professional content writer.  As we began to migrate the old site to the new site it required I hold classroom training sessions with all of those people designated as “Editors” who would be making updates to their respective department web pages.  Initially, I was responsible for the introduction of the 3rd party hosting company who would be maintaining the site hosting and support.

I was responsible for the installation of the WordPress application, the initial installation of the Bootstrap CSS files, and the design of all themes and module plugins to be used.  In addition I was responsible for the initial page layouts and templates to be used for the basic web pages. Once this was complete the entire structure encompassed an entire year to migrate the content from the old website pages to the newly created WordPress website pages.  And finally, I performed all migration and development work for the build of the new site on the WordPress CMS platform, along with all custom features & integrations.


  • Development of all Redesigned Site Pages
  • Integration of Javascript and jQuery features for added browser enhancements
  • All pages are optimized for mobile deployments
  • 3rd Party Integration for Properties and Agent pages
  • Custom Map and Search Capabilities for Office pages

Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium

Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium

  • WordPress CMS Version 5.4.2
  • Bootstrap 4.3
  • Hosting Service on 24/7 Servers
  • Installed SSL Certificate
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery
  • Custom Divi Theme
  • Optimized for SEO To Include:
  • Local Search
  • Rankings
  • Keyword Monitoring
  • Website Audit
  • Website Speed Test




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