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The most obvious pro of a neighborhood HOA is the potential boost in property value from the neighborhood’s added amenities or aesthetic appeal. Property owners in an area with an HOA will typically find excellent curb appeal, well maintained community spaces, and more. Each of these features can not only help market a property for sale, but also enhance the value of the home itself. Potential buyers should consider the impact of an HOA on listing prices by comparing similar properties outside of the neighborhood or community.

Another key benefit associated with HOAs is the ability of these organizations to set and enforce community rules. While these rules could be interpreted as a downside to some, for the most part these rules are put into place for the benefit of residents. For example, those living in popular tourist destinations may find quiet hours are essential. Similarly, rules regarding speed limits and parking regulations could make the neighborhood easier to navigate or safer.

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The corporate Colony Cove HOA site is the hub for the Homeowner’s Association. Our team performed all migration and development work for the build of the new site on the WordPress CMS platform, along with all custom features & integrations.


  • Development of all Redesigned Site Pages
  • Integration of Javascript and jQuery features for added browser enhancements
  • All pages are optimized for mobile deployments
  • 3rd Party Integration for Properties and Agent pages
  • Custom Map and Search Capabilities for Office pages

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Colony Cove HOA

  • WordPress CMS Version 5.4.2
  • Hosting Service on 24/7 Servers
  • Installed SSL Certificate
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery
  • Custom Divi Theme
  • Optimized for SEO To Include:
  • Local Search
  • Rankings
  • Keyword Monitoring
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