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Domain Name Frequently Asked Questions


Advanced DNS allows you to manage your DNS records (A, MX, CNAME, TXT and SRV Records) for individual services, such as changing IP addresses, or modifying an email delivery address.

Choose this option if you want to use this domain with some Blue Diamond Web Services® and some non-Blue Diamond Web Services. For example, you might continue to use Blue Diamond Web Services email, but host your website elsewhere. Or, you can keep your Blue Diamond Web Services website, but use a different provider for email.

Only advance users should make changes to their Advanced DNS Manager.


An Internet Protocol (IP) address is a unique number which identifies a computer and its location on the Internet. Your IP address is used to transmit data from a website to your computer.


MX (“Mail eXchange”) records are used to determine the delivery route for your e-mail. For example, if you want to host your own mail server for the domain in your account, you must specify the mail server names as MX records. In addition, you can specify multiple mail servers and rank them by priority to respond in the event the primary mail server is not responding.


Canonical Name (CNAME) records allow you to create alias names that correspond to existing Internet host records. CNAME records are helpful when pointing multiple domain names to the same host.


TXT records have several functions. One common function is to use the TXT record to create an SPF. SPF records help to stop email spammers from forging the “From” fields in an e-mail. It allows the owner of a domain to designate the IP address that can be used to send email from that domain.


An SRV Record allows a user to locate a specific service on a network rather than a specific machine. The service could be a printer, VOip, FTP, or other similar services.


DNSSEC is a technology that adds authentication to DNS query responses, it does not provide encryption. It is based on PKI technology and involves forming a chain of trust from the parent of a delegation to the child. This chain can be followed all the way back to the root-zone and the widely distributed root zone public key. Authenticating this chain enables an end user to verify that the answer they got from the DNS is the answer intended by the owner of that domain name.

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