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Strategic Partnerships

The strength of collaborative business.

Blue Diamond Webs’ partnerships are voluntary collaborative agreement between Blue Diamond Webs and trusted businesses that have demonstrated competency in their core business function. Blue Diamond Webs and our partners agree to work together to achieve a common purpose or undertake a specific task and to share risks, responsibilities, resources, competencies and benefits.

Why Blue Diamond Webs Partners with Other Businesses?

Meaningful partnerships are the foundation for success. Partnerships enables Blue Diamond Webs to make continuous improvements in our Web delivery services. By sharing with others, Blue Diamond Webs can direct resources and capabilities to projects our clients consider most important.

The 80/20 Principle asserts that 80% of results come from 20% of effort. Thus, for Blue Diamond Webs to achieve more with less, we are incredibly selective of our strategic partnerships. Depending upon our core competencies, Blue Diamond Webs and our partners have determined where 20% of our effort can lead to 80% of returns. Blue Diamond Webs strives for excellence in designing & developing quality database driven, dynamic Web applications. We don’t dilute our energies by trying to be “all things to all customers,” thus offering only “good performance.” We want to provide excellent performance.

Blue Diamond Webs focuses our firm’s resources on what we do best and what creates sustainable competitive advantage and tap to the resources of our partners for the rest. To decide why, when and how to partner with others for complementary resources, Blue Diamond Webs weighs the small amount of cost savings that doing non-core-competence tasks might bring against the distraction and investment that are required to stay up to date over time.

NorthWest Data Solutions is a web design & development firm dedicated to helping corporate clients create, maintain and maximize their brand online.

Our team of principals, web site designers, web application programmers and database experts have helped clients across the country. We can help you with user interface (UI) design and visual design for new and existing web applications.

NWDS daily practices all aspects of web application development. We are highly skilled in database design, development and administration.

Our staff has experience in system and network engineering in support of application development and critical business needs.

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