Building a beautiful website is just the beginning.

First you design and build your website, then you hope people show up. But just because you built it, doesn’t mean that anybody will visit. You need a way to drive people to your site in almost every way possible. And that’s what Blue Diamond Webs does for you.

Get found. Everywhere…Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
Once your website is live, you’ll want to increase your presence. How do you do that? Simple. With Blue Diamond Webs SEO you can see up to 2 times more traffic, and within a year you’ll see an average of 23% more customers+. Between that, email marketing, Google My Business integrations and social media, you’ll be everywhere you want to be and then some more.

Manage it all in one convenient place.

Your business has a lot going on. Do it all in one place with Website Design + Marketing. Pick from designs tailored to compete with your industry, send out emails with email marketing, and manage your business profiles on Google, Instagram and so much more. And you can do it all from any device, be it your phone, desktop or tablet. It’s almost like you have too much power.

Plus Everything You Need To Succeed Online!

And there it is. By building your business with Blue Diamond Websites + Marketing you’ll save time and money, build your brand and get seen by more people. That’s a huge advantage over your competition. And that’s how you’ll see success.

Everyone has different needs.

Blue Diamond Webs + Marketing is an amazing product that works great for most people. But maybe you’re not most people. Say you want something that’ll let you get under the hood, or you just want someone to do it for you. Don’t worry, we’ve got an answer for those problems, too.


We love helping you. Seriously!

Still not sure what you need?  Give us a call.  We’re happy to help, even if you’re not a customer. We’re here 24/7/365. 
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