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Domain Tools

Need Constant Training?

  Learn multiple languages, HTML, CSS, GIT. javascript, PHP, and more.


Who is Hosting a Website?

  Discover who is hosting your or anyone’s website. Get information about the website IP address, name servers and more.



round red arrow  IP Address Lookup

Alexa Traffic Rank

  Learn Alexa traffic rank of a website, which is based on 3 months of aggregated traffic data from millions of Alexa Toolbars in use.

Domain Age

  Discover age of a domain name, which is one of the criteria search engines use to rank a web site.


Reverse DNS Lookup

  The reverse DNS lookup tool will query the DNS system to find a hostname of an IP address.



HTTP Server Header Check

  The HTTP Server header tool displays the response header accompanied with body of the HTTP document.



IP Tools

Trace Email Source

  Trace source of an email where it was originated, and the IP address and location of the mail server.



Verify Email Address

  Use this tool to verify if an email address is valid, and also check to ensure mailbox exists and can receive email.



Proxy Check

  The proxy check tool will analyze your HTTP connection, and determines if proxy server is behand your computer.



Subnet Calculator (IPv4 Only)

  Divide your IP network into sub-networks by calculating network address known as a subnet mask.



What is My IP Address

  Find your public IP address of a computer connecting to the Internet.


How To Hide Your IP Address

  Hiding your IP address allows you to stay anonymous online, access blocked web sites, work around the IP bans, access dark web, and protect your identity..



What is Geolocation of an IP Address?

  Find geolocation including city, region and country of an IP address provided by a handful of IP Location providers.



Webmaster Tools

Htpassword Generator

  Generate a htpasswd file from a .htaccess file to restrict access to protected areas.


CSS and Javascript Minifier

  Improve the performance of your website by minifying the size of the CSS and Javascript files.


Audio & Sound

 How To Perform Microphone and Sound Tests on you Computer


WPTheme Detector

 How To the current Theme used on a Website

Dynamic Copyright Script

 How To the current Theme used on a Website

Website Host Detector

 How To the current Host used on a Website

Website Free Chat Bot

How To install a FREE Chat Bot on Your  Website

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